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    2022年12月24日 最佳:卡塔爾 2022 年奧運會如何影響獲獎候選人





    https://online2.tingclass.net/lesson/shi0529/10000/10561/最佳:卡塔爾 2022 年奧運會如何影響獲獎候選人.mp3
    The Best: How Qatar 2022 could have affected award hopefuls
    最佳:卡塔爾 2022 年奧運會如何影響獲獎候選人

    With The Best FIFA Football Awards just around the corner in January, FIFA+ looks at how performances in Qatar could have boosted the chances of certain candidates
    隨著 1 月份國際足聯最佳足球獎的臨近,FIFA+ 探討了卡塔爾的表現如何提高某些候選人的機會
    With 2023 on the horizon, award season is in full swing. The Best FIFA Football Awards™ are about to crown the best of football – footballers, coaches, fans and goals will all be honoured at the ceremony in February, but how has Qatar 2022 changed things?
    隨著 2023 年的臨近,頒獎季如火如荼。最佳 FIFA 足球獎™ 即將為足球界的最佳人選加冕——球員、教練、球迷和進球都將在 2 月的頒獎典禮上獲得表彰,但卡塔爾 2022 年如何改變了一切?
    Players and coaches have made their presence known at this World Cup, but will it be enough to pip those who have been in the limelight all year to the post? It is not yet known who will be shortlisted for these awards, so all comments are, of course, purely speculation and excited conjecture.
    Nevertheless, it’s time to consider how football’s biggest tournament might have impacted on its most prestigious awards.
    The Best FIFA Men’s Player
    Since The Best FIFA Men’s Player was first named in January 2017, Lionel Messi has only failed to appear in the top three once, winning the award with 46% of the vote in 2019. Conversely, Kylian Mbappe has yet to feature in the final three.
    最佳國際足聯男子球員于 2017 年 1 月首次評選,梅西僅一次未能進入前三,2019 年以 46% 的得票率獲得該獎項,姆巴佩尚未進入前三名
    Yet surely it is these two players who have most enhanced their reputation thanks to the World Cup – the final was not just Argentina versus France, but Messi versus Mbappe, the old versus the new, the past versus the future. It would be a bold prediction to say neither will win the award.
    But how about Luka Modric, 2018’s winner? The midfielder not only added a fifth Champions League and third La Liga title to his honours list this year, but he also takes home a bronze medal after another series of influential performances on the world stage.
    但是 2018 年的獲勝者盧卡莫德里奇呢?這位中場球員不僅在今年的榮譽名單上增加了第五個歐冠冠軍和第三個西甲冠軍頭銜,而且在世界舞臺上一系列具有影響力的表現之后,他還獲得了銅牌。
    The Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper
    Though Dominik Livakovic and Emiliano Martinez had the tournament of their lives – the latter taking home the adidas Golden Glove – will club performances still hold sway?
    It could be too late in the day for their heroics to turn the tables on the likes of Champions League winner Thibaut Courtois – award winner in 2018 – FA Cup Winner, Champions League and Premier League runner-up Alisson – winner in 2019 – or Bundesliga stalwart Manuel Neuer ­– 2020’s Best.
    The World Cup’s influence cannot be underestimated, however, with Hugo Lloris’ second place finish in 2018 largely thanks to his World Cup winners’ medal.
    然而,世界杯的影響力不容小覷,雨果·洛里斯 (Hugo Lloris) 在 2018 年獲得亞軍,這要歸功于他的世界杯冠軍獎牌。
    The Best FIFA Men’s Coach
    Perhaps the category where the World Cup will have most influence will be The Best FIFA Men’s Coach. Unlike players, coaches don’t tend to straddle the club and international platforms, with the latest national treasures going head-to-head with club custodians.
    也許世界杯最具影響力的類別將是最佳 FIFA 男子教練。與球員不同,教練不傾向于跨越俱樂部和國際平臺,最新的國寶與俱樂部保管人正面交鋒。
    Lionel Scaloni and the formation of his World Cup winning ‘Scaloneta’ have surely propelled the Argentinian into contention – just as Didier Deschamps managed in 2018 – while Walid Regragui’s accomplishments with Morocco should not go unmentioned.
    萊昂內爾·斯卡洛尼和他贏得世界杯冠軍的“Scaloneta”的組建無疑推動了阿根廷人的競爭——就像迪迪埃·德尚在 2018 年所做的那樣——而瓦利德·雷格拉吉在摩洛哥取得的成就也不容忽視。
    Carlo Ancelotti, fresh off the back of an indomitable year with Real Madrid, is likely to be the leading club candidate standing in their way.
    在皇家馬德里度過了不屈不撓的一年后,卡洛·安切洛蒂 (Carlo Ancelotti) 很可能成為阻礙他們前進的主要俱樂部候選人。
    FIFA Fan Award
    Unique in that it is for the fans, voted by the fans, this is the award where you truly have control over who is rewarded for an outstanding moment or gesture.
    As is tradition, the Japanese support set an example by cleaning away their litter following games, while Moroccan fans were praised for their vibrant, inclusive and effervescent celebrations. Could these displays of respect and rhapsody be among the most iconic moments of 2022?
    按照傳統,日本支持者通過清理垃圾游戲樹立了榜樣,而摩洛哥球迷則吹噓他們充滿活力、包容和熱情的慶?;顒?。這些尊重和狂想的表現能否成為 2022 年最具標志性的時刻之一?
    FIFA Special Award for an Outstanding Career Achievement
    Every year, players from both the men’s and women’s game break astonishing records, set new expectations, accomplish great new feats and go where no man or woman has gone before.
    The Qatar 2022 World Cup has contributed to those achievements – Lionel Messi has now played more World Cup games and minutes than any other men’s player, made more World Cup appearances as captain than any men’s or women’s player and is Argentina’s leading goal scorer at the World Cup.
    卡塔爾 2022 年世界杯為這些成就做出了貢獻——萊昂內爾·梅西現在在世界杯上的比賽和上場時間比任何其他男子球員都多,作為隊長出場的世界杯次數比任何男子或女子球員都多,并且是阿根廷在世界上的頭號射手杯子。
    Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first man to score at five World Cups – in doing so breaking the record for Portugal’s oldest World Cup goal scorer – Olivier Giroud became France’s all-time men’s top goal scorer with a tally of 52, Hugo Lloris became Les Bleus’ record appearance maker for the men’s game with 145 and Dani Alves defied logic to captain Brazil at 39 years of age.
    與此同時,克里斯蒂亞諾·羅納爾多成為第一個在五屆世界杯上進球的人——這打破了葡萄牙最年長的世界杯進球者的記錄——奧利維爾·吉魯以 52 個進球成為法國歷史上男子最佳射手,雨果·洛里斯成為萊斯布魯斯以 145 次創下男子比賽出場紀錄,而丹尼·阿爾維斯在 39 歲時打破了巴西隊隊長的邏輯。
    Without even considering club careers or the women’s international game, the panel already have a smorgasbord of achievements to choose from.
    Candidates and careers considered above may not even make it into the equation, while other unmentioned accomplishments could be crowned for all to see – as is the magic of football. All will be revealed at the ceremony on 27 February 2023.
    上面考慮的候選人和職業甚至可能無法進入等式,而其他未提及的成就可以加冕為所有人所見——就像足球的魔力一樣。一切都將在 2023 年 2 月 27 日的儀式上揭曉。

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